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Immobilie in der Ukraine - Impexcon unterstützt Sie bei der Immobiliensuche in der Ukraine

Germany has a large, liquid, and transparent property market with international players and an appeal that extends far beyond its national borders.

Benefit from our extensive expertise in residential and commercial property and undeveloped land.

We are happy to assist you with property selection, due diligence, valuation, development and the purchase and sale of properties.

Buying property in Germany for foreigners is easier than it may appear at first glance. Depending on the location of the property, you will receive support in the search for tenants and property management. We will be happy to advise you. In person, on site, as your representative of your interests.

In Ukraine, property acquisition by non-Ukrainians is already possible in some submarkets.

This way you can purchase commercial properties and properties for private use. So far, the purchase of agricultural and forestry land is currently not possible. The legal framework is to be adapted in a further stage from January 2024. Usage contracts with a term of up to 49 years are already possible today.

After the end of the war, a further and comprehensive opening and liberalisation of the property market is to be expected. The country is dependent on foreign capital.

We are standing in the starting blocks as soon as the acquisition of agricultural and forestry land by foreigners in Ukraine is possible.

In addition, our team has the expertise and contacts to offer you significant added value in unfamiliar territory. The focus of our activities in Ukraine is the Poltava Oblast.

Grundrissplan einer Wohnung in der Ukraine
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